All of my work is a spiritual connection with my life, which has gone through many changes and looks like a patchwork.  It is always an attempt to combine imagery and abstraction, an ongoing striving to communicate while going deeper.  My curret work reflects this, beginning with abstract lines and evolving usually into tree forms.   I will be showing the drawings iand some paintings n July and August at the Spotlight Gallery in Anaconda, Montana, owned by my sister, Kathy Carlson.


Since June 1 am no longer be in my studio at the ELWright building, as we were all evicted to make way for residential usits.

I have downsized amd moved my studio into my house at 1100 Hill Street, Hancock, MI 49930.  My house was somewhat damaged by the recent disaster flood in our community, so have not gotten back to work. Muddy basements take priority!


Last year I sent my remaining oil paintings to the Stoplight Gallery   They will  remain there, as I can no longer use oil paint due to allergies to the paint.  However, many are still for sale.  Contact the gallery. 



I have decided that one way I can share my work is to have giclee prints made.  Many of the images that are of interest could possibly be made into an archival print, about 15x17", for $150.  Please email me if you are interested.




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fabric scraps, quilting, about 40x40''

An older work done when I was active in the Women's Movement. Starting as a landscape, I cut it into pieces and rearranged it, connecting pieces with little 'bridges.'' I did many quilts during this time, also major research on the connections between women's history and their quilt patterns in Knox County, Ohio.

Now in the collection of Birgitta Ralston, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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