All of my work is a spiritual connection with my life, which has gone through many changes and looks like a patchwork.  It is always an attempt to combine imagery and abstraction, an ongoing striving to communicate while going deeper.  


Since June 1 am no longer in my studio at the ELWright Building, as they evicted everyone to make the studios into residential units.  I have downsized amd moved my studio into my house at 1100 Hill Street, Hancock, MI 49930.  


Last year I sent my remaining oil paintings to the Stoplight Gallery   They will  remain there, as I can no longer use oil paint due to allergies to the paint.  However, many are still for sale.  Contact the gallery. 



I also do a variety of other art forms, such as small sculptures and patched textiles. Currentlly I am experimenting with various forms of nontoxic media: acrylic, casein and egg tempera, as well as watercolor and color pencils.  Bird forms are emerging, as metaphors for peace.  I will put them online when they are ready.


I have decided that one way I can share my work is to have giclee prints made.  Many of the images that are of interest could possibly be made into an archival print, about 15x17", for $150.  Please email me if you are interested.




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