I have decided that one way I can share my work is to have giclee prints made.  So any of the images that are of interest to anyone can possibly be made into a print, about 15x17", for $150.  Please email me if you are interested.  joycek@chartermi.net.


All of my work is a spisritual connection with my life, which has gone through many changes and looks like a patchwork.  It is always an attempt to combine imagery and abstraction, an ongoing striving to communicate while going deeper, whether I use animals or trees or no imagery at all.


I can no longer work in oill, for health reasons.  In late spring or early summer, all of  my remaining oil paintings will move to Montana to a new gallery in Anaconda, where they will reside permanently.


In October I will have an exhibition of drawings and mixed media work at the Community Arts Center in  Hancock, and in 2018 I will have an exhibition at the Bonifas Art Center in Escanaba.


I am finishing a series of ink drawings for another book by Vic Foerstoer, "Hidden in the Trees."  


My studio is in an old elementary school, 801 North Lincoln Drive in Hancock. I love visitors!  I am usually there but please call first: 906-370-3183.  My hours are erratic.



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