All of my work is a spiritual connection with my life, which has gone through many changes and looks like a patchwork.  It is always an attempt to combine imagery and abstraction, an ongoing striving to communicate while going deeper.  


On August 31, an exhibition of my oil paintings opened in the Stoplight Gallery, Anaconda, Montana.  They will remain there, as I can no longer use oil paint due to allergies to the paint.  I am now working with water media and drawings. 


I have an exhibition of new drawings and mixed media work at the Community Arts Center in  Hancock, which opened October 13.  It will be there until November 7.


 In January 2018 I will have an exhibition at the Bonifas Art Center in Escanaba.


I have been asked to illustrate books lately, a new activity for me.  Another book by Vic Foerstoer, "Hidden in the Trees" was just published by Arbutus Press, with my drawings.  The earlier book by him that I illustrated is "Naked in the Stream", about Isle Royale.  I just finished a new series of drawings for a book by Karen Anderson, "Gradual Clearing" also for Arbutus Press. to come out in November.


 I have decided that one way I can share my work is to have giclee prints made.  Many of the images that are of interest could possibly be made into an archival print, about 15x17", for $150.  Please email me if you are interested.


My studio is in an old elementary school, 801 North Lincoln Drive in Hancock. I love visitors!  I am usually there but please call first: 906-370-3183.  My hours are erratic.



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oil on canvas about 40x50''

In the collection of a retreat center in northern Wisconsin.

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